Silly sayings for grammatical rules

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Silly sayings for grammatical rules

Post by Matthew Longhorn » March 18th, 2019, 10:20 am

Not sure if anyone would find these helpful but I am using them with my Greek group

Square of stops (with zeta added to help with interaction with sigma)
πoodles βery φrequently are ψychotic
κats γo χrazy on ξylophones
τurtles δon’t θink ζebras are σtriped

First declension rule for when an alpha stays throughout the singular
The ειρish like alphas

Interaction of a sigma with some letters
The sigma is a snake, swallowing ζany and νaughty dentists (dentals)

Letter following an ευ or αυ that changes the upsilon to be pronounced f rather than v in reconstructed Koine
αυ or ευ followed by a πoodle, a χrazy κat on a ξylophone, or a θinking τurtle is pronounced with an f

Would be good to see others from people as well!
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