Homeric Centones of Aelia Eudocia Augusta

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Homeric Centones of Aelia Eudocia Augusta

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Hi, I came across the text below while reading the Homeric Centones of Aelia Eudocia, and was wondering if someone could help shed some light on the translation and interpretation? It seems to be talking about Clytemnestra in Homer's Odyssey?

κουρίδιον κτείνασα πόσιν, στυγερὴ δέ τ ̓ἀοιδὴ
ἔσσετ ̓ἐπ ̓ἀνθρώπους, χαλεπὴν δέ τε φῆμιν ὄπασσεν
θηλυτέρῃσι γυναιξί, καὶ ἥ κ ̓εὑεργὸς ἔησιν.

Thanks in advance. :)
Barry Hofstetter
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Re: Homeric Centones of Aelia Eudocia Augusta

Post by Barry Hofstetter »

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This is actually from Homer's Odyssey 24.200ff.

[200] κουρίδιον κτείνασα πόσιν, στυγερὴ δέ τʼ ἀοιδὴ
ἔσσετʼ ἐπʼ ἀνθρώπους, χαλεπὴν δέ τε φῆμιν ὀπάσσει
θηλυτέρῃσι γυναιξί, καὶ ἥ κʼ εὐεργὸς ἔῃσιν

This is contrasting Penelope and her patient endurance with Clytemnestra:

Having killed her lawfully-wedded husband,
she will be a hateful song among people, and
she will bring infamy on all women, even those who are good.

Some interesting commentary at the Sententiae Antiquae site:


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