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This is an email forum for our convivium members and other interested parties to share information about our enjoyment of good tasting food, the care of the land and our regional biodiversity, and the protection of traditional foods, markets, and…

Mailing list for the Lucifer Poetics group, an affiliation of people interested in contemporary poetry with an emphasis on avant-garde, post-avant, innovative, and experimental poetry.We discuss and share information about contemporary poetry and…

Archival Site: AIM is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing local awareness of improvised music, through presenting performances, running an e-mail list, and this website. We are based in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

Actualidad Colombiana is a fortnightly bulletin about the situation in Colombia produced by three non-governmental organisations

It's the archived gems from, fountain of good humor and great wit. Now including fortnightly zipfiles of the B(aW)oRHOD, ie. all of rhod.

An ever-evolving guide to what's good about the Triangle, culled from the archives of still the *only** UseNet newsgroup dedicated to an actual *town*.

Archives from the newsgroup alt.psychology.personality which discusses different models of personality analysis.

Archived postings from the EMUSIC-L mailing list located at American University. Includes "best of" items, and pointers to electronic music resources on the Web. Includes a subscription management page.

Search an archive of the newsgroup comp.infosystems.www.announce with links to queries for commonly used Subject keywords, as well as links to the newsgroup's charter.

ARCHIVAL Site: Astrobiology: The Living Universe is the web's premiere educational resource for astrobiology, featuring in-depth information and interviews on exobiology, planetary biology, the origins of life and human space flight.
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