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Discography of soul 45s from North and South Carolina.

Music collected by chorus members from classes conducted in Bulgaria.

This site is for the archival of texts and translations, essays, articles and indices relating and pertaining to South Indian Classical Music (Carnatic music).

Collection of Public Domain clipart optimized for use with word processors (hence WP Clipart), at first was created specifically with AbiWord in mind. All images are non-transparent PNGs which print and scale beautifully in AbiWord (which has…

Free services for the videoblog culture such as blog hosting, directory listing, education, workshops and collaborative projects.All content is public domain or creative commons licensed.Services are not available to all.

DefineHCI is an exploration of defining human-computer interaction and the explorationof design issues, visual communication, andvisual thinking.

These are live recordings from my senior recital in December of 2004 with the exception of Emulation, which there is both a live recording, and a computer generated version. I worked very hard on this recital and I would love to share it with the…

Ice Hockey Sports Club Team at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Don't have time to go to every day to see if David Farley's Dr Fun home page has changed? All going to plan, this mailing list will come to you.

(Filmaker/media artist's site in Brooklyn) which features public domain material and helpful links and event information that contribute to a rich media arts websphere that is pertinent to NYC.
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