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GNU Midnight Commander is a file manager for free operating systems. Like other GNU software,it is written in a portable manner and should compile and run on a wide range of operating systems with some degree of UNIX compatibility.Being a text mode…

Set of pages in 3 languages (Catalan, English, Spanish). They are dedicated to Linux tricks (with Netscape, Mozilla), information on WINE (run Windows applications on Linux), and anything that can help new users get going in Linux.

Strategy and Tactics on the battlefield for the game Steel Panthers. By "Wild" Bill Raider and Marc "Bayonnet" Bellizzi. Complete game (for Windows) fully downloadable on internet (~650MB !!). Plus a mini-HOWTO to run the game on Linux using WINE.

Slides of the presentation at TriLug presented by Mark Fowles and myself.

Step-by-step tutorial, in 3 languages (Catalan, Spanish, English). Videoconference using the free available MS-Messenger, a webcam and a few directions. So easy and helpful that has listed it as *the* videoconference reference work. Enjoy…

Sinner's Homepage inlcudes web's changelog, personal page and links to my Linux tips and tricks, Linux Security, Windows on Linux (WINE), Videoconference on Windows, Steel Panthers and more.

Video footage of the CPSR lecture series held in Raleigh. Speakers included Brock Meeks of MSNBC, Robert Ellis Smith of the Privacy Journal, and Wayne Crews of the CATO Institute.

PAUD is a Linux utility bootdisk. It contains mc, parted, and other utilities. It is great for partition maintenance.

Learn how to use free software to get your work done. This book by Michael Stutz contains hundreds of the very best "recipes" that show you how!

An international online magazine for Linux.
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