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Somewhere in Morocco. Between African Shamanism and Islam. Between primitive traditions and modernity. At the crossroads of Globalism. You will find the Gnawa: Mystical Musician Healers from Morocco. From marginalized subculture to "official"…

World Music Central is dedicated to the dissemination of world music news, information and resources. Its mission is to provide information about musicians, dancers and their national or regional cultures, to publish a series of databases of…

CyberSufis is an attempt to offer a small digital multimedia fragrance of the many roses that open up when one walks down the path of Sufism.

Asian classical music from out of print sources in MP3 format. The collection includes music from Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India and Korea. All the selections are freely downloadable.

A classic collection of april fools usenet postings, emails, and other foolish things.

An abstracted listing of the many research papers, newspaper articles, and other writings available from the ibiblio Communications, VR, 3D and related archives. Provides an overview of cyberculture in synchronous communications.

Information about the Gaelic-based languages and cultures.

This site is intended to provide a sweeping introduction to the legend of John Henry, the facts associated with the man, and the meaning of some of the many versions of the songs about him. It is also an objective of this site to provide a sampling…
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