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A full-text collection of scholarly articles and books, in English and French, on the life and works of the French novelist. Hundreds of colour images, thousands of footnotes and hundreds of thousands of words of original research and translation by…

Textes d'auteurs appartenant au domaine public. French site of online texts.

Electronic texts in 6 langauaes of most of Jules Verne works. Home of the Jules Verne Forum mailing list. FAQ about Joules verne in 13 langauages. Jules Verne Stamps. Complete Jules Verne Bibliography. Chronology. Scholarly articles. This 12 years…

Jules Verne information page includes a forum, a comprehensive library of Jules Verne works in electronic form in 12 langauages, a comprehensive list of the Hebrew translations of Jules Verne works.

Organization that encourages and develops the knowledge of the French language and culture and that fosters cultural, intellectual, artistic and friendly exchanges between the French-speaking world and the local community.
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