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Battle for Wesnoth is a fantasy turn-based strategy game.

Satire webpage for Existendo - a company that makes existential video games.

This is the Downloads directory associated with Open Source Gaming. The collection of open source games and software is growing every day.

Open Source Gaming is still in its infancy, and this site is available for both the user and the programmer. There are collections of links, downloads, screenshots, a Wiki project and up to date news for games that are free to use, and in many cases,…

This is a lame text filter. I mean: r3alLy Lam3!

Vocabumonkey is a word learning game for young children, written (and opensourced) by John Schnittker. This is a dutch version of the game.

Strategy and Tactics on the battlefield for the game Steel Panthers. By "Wild" Bill Raider and Marc "Bayonnet" Bellizzi. Complete game (for Windows) fully downloadable on internet (~650MB !!). Plus a mini-HOWTO to run the game on Linux using WINE.

Sinner's Homepage inlcudes web's changelog, personal page and links to my Linux tips and tricks, Linux Security, Windows on Linux (WINE), Videoconference on Windows, Steel Panthers and more.

The Madrid Chronicles consist of two group stories created in the context of pen-and-paper roleplaying games (Vampire: the Dark Ages and Vampire: the Masquerade by White Wolf Games Studio). Over the course of roughly a year, seven friends told the…

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