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A showcase of Chinese Art including architecture, caligraphy, photography, and history.

The cardinal mission of BAPSA is to improve the reproductive health care services through a community based social development approach. In this respect, the organization seeks to create an environment that would guarantee an improvement in the…

Information about World Tibet Day - created to help restore freedom for those living in Tibet, to increase awareness of the genocidal threats, and to celebrate Tibetan culture and thought

In 1997, the Tibetan journalists working in Dharamsala met to form an organisation. The outcome was the immediate initiation of the Association of Tibetan Journalists. Subsequently, a formal Charter was adopted and the association commenced to…

Website for a Massachusetts based Japanese crafts school

KELI is a Mumbai based organization dedicated to the preservation, development and propagation of the traditional classical art forms. Includes a performance gallery.

Classified and annotated links to more than 11,000 full text documents on Burma/Myanmar

A collection of information about Thai students and scholars in the UNC community, as well as a communication channel for the members. Includes useful resources for prospective Thai students and scholars, and Americans who are interested in Thailand.

An online archive of a CD-ROM containing World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP) print publications on theology, history, geography and women's studies from 1974 to 2003, plus the WSCF-AP 2004 DVD Our Stories, Our…
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