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The online edition of the Pt. Richmond Channel. - since it has been subsumed by the Contra Costa Times Online (CoCo), it is now an archive of past issues. When it was active, it was awarded a 3-star tag by Magellan. It was one of the first online…


Ever since Errol Flynn swashbuckled his way onto movie screens, actors, directors and other talented people from the Lands Down Under have shown up in Hollywood. Both countries have been producing their own films for decades, but as Australia and New…


Septimbor and David decided to quit their jobs, sell most of their flotsam and jetsam, and move to a remote island that could be construed as a tropical paradise. They actually had many reasons for doing this, not the least of which was simply…


Art on Weaver is a spontaneous flowering of Carrboro, North Carolina's role as a focus for the artists of the area.


A collection of resources about the American South

A small eclectic collection of delightful and humorous quotations. Covers the subject areas of ideas, mathematics, science, art, mankind.

From works by English Grammarian Henry Watson Fowler (1858-1933) includes:Lexicon Words of Anglo-Saxon origin; Saxeon Orthography & pronunciation guide; Verbs "Sing, sang, sung" explained! and a brief biography of H.W. Fowler

Golfers - Lies - Lingo - Equipment Golf insight, historic archives and humor

The science, structural engineering, forestry and urban planning of kudzu. Includes a photo archive of outstanding examples.

NC barbecue history, recipes, pit construction plans, information on how to roast a whole pig, bbq lists, a virtual community and other resources for the Epicurean barbecuer.
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