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The Contact Project was a puzzle designed to show how difficult it would be to translate a message from extra-terrestrials. Instead it showed how the Internet does an amazing job as a massively parallel computational resource.

A center for various Zen sources to be found on the Internet, as well as an HTML version of The Gateless Gate, a collection of Zen koans. (note: no longer updated - presented here for archival purposes - Dec 98)

An education program of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC-Chapel Hill. Besides information on the program, the site contains papers written by newspaper copy editors during their stay here.

This site is designed for use by journalism and mass comm students and faculty on the UNC-CH campus. Other interested in the site are likely to be news researchers, journalists, photographers, and mass comm educators. Included in the pages are JoMC…

The Electronic Reference service, located in UNC-CH's Davis Library Reference area, provides end-users with assistance in gaining access and locating resources on the Internet and other remote networks. These services include: mediated Internet…


A journal for theoretical and experimental chemistry of textile materials, natural and synthetic leather and fur. Offered in Russian (Select cyrillic charset) and English.

Prism provides the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC, progressive community with forum for information, communication and analysis.

What began as one band's attempt to catalog their growing obsession with North Carolina's finest cultural achievement grew into a comprehensive, opinionated guide to the Pig in NC. Though Shinola have long since broken up and gone their…

PRGNet - Presidency Research Group Network. Information resources for the community of scholars studying the American Presidency.

Connecting all of the presidential sites into a world wide information resource.
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