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Resources for teaching yourself Greek. Includes tips for beginners and an online New Testament Greek tutorial that includes sound clips and an interactive flashcard tool - learn Greek through real biblical examples.

An evolving online textbook for beginning New Testament Greek. Each chapter has two sections; you should always read both of them, but it doesn't matter which you read first: chapter summaries and 'Exploring real Greek'. Sections…

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Open source web-based human language translation tools.

A journal for theoretical and experimental chemistry of textile materials, natural and synthetic leather and fur. Offered in Russian (Select cyrillic charset) and English.

A yearbook of Italian studies. The site lists the table of contents of all volumes appeared thus far (since 1983). Beginning with vol. 16 (1998), the site publishes also the introductory essay and all the book reviews appearing in each volume, in…

A variety of music from China including: traditional music, modern music, popular music, folk songs and music, ceremonial music, music of foreign influences, Beijing opera, historical sounds and children's songs. Note: This archive began in 1992 and…
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