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An extensive look into the culture of one of Humanity's oldest continuous civilizations. There is always a symbolic meaning behind almost everything in the daily life of the China.

North Carolina-born Paul Green (1894-1981) was one of the South’s most revered writers, and one of America’s most distinguished. The first playwright from the South to gain national and international recognition, he was part of that…

Founded in 1973, the Southern Oral History Program seeks to foster a critical yet democratic understanding of the South - its history, culture, problems, and prospects. We have recorded more than 2,900 interviews with men and women from all walks of…

"At every turn in its thought, society will find us - waiting." New works in the public domain since 1987. Hundreds of pages of the zine OVO, edited and published by Trevor Blake.

This site allows users to learn about the history of North Carolina ghost stories, to read, see, and hear actual ghost stories, and to create a story of their own.

Primarily a list for announcing poetry readings that are part of the Desert City series held in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Other poetry and related events in the North Carolina region will also be announced.

Mailing list for the Lucifer Poetics group, an affiliation of people interested in contemporary poetry with an emphasis on avant-garde, post-avant, innovative, and experimental poetry.We discuss and share information about contemporary poetry and…

A place for Tibetan literature in Tibet and outside Tibet. Collections of articles, opinions, poetry, written by Tibetans.


Don't have time to go to every day to see if David Farley's Dr Fun home page has changed? All going to plan, this mailing list will come to you.

A UNC course exploring the life, works and acts of Mohandas Gandhi. We attempt to evaluate Gandhi on his own terms; we try to tell his story by looking at his works and acts. By doing so, we try to gain an understanding of what motivated him to act,…
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