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Gleducar es un proyecto educativo, colaborativo y cooperativo que persigue la adecuación de las aulas argentinas a las Nuevas Tecnologías de la Comunicación y la Información, produciendo un cambio en el paradigma de la…

Parody site

Electronic texts in 6 langauaes of most of Jules Verne works. Home of the Jules Verne Forum mailing list. FAQ about Joules verne in 13 langauages. Jules Verne Stamps. Complete Jules Verne Bibliography. Chronology. Scholarly articles. This 12 years…

A collection of richard condons epitagraphs from The Keeners Manual, also includes book and lyric quotes


Archives of student written stories from a graduate research project – includes thesis: The Plots of Children and Machines: Statistical and Symbolic Analysis of Narrative Texts

Jules Verne information page includes a forum, a comprehensive library of Jules Verne works in electronic form in 12 langauages, a comprehensive list of the Hebrew translations of Jules Verne works.

Hans Christian Andersen fairytales and stories with original illustrations and english translations. Andersen Stamp Collection. Andersen's chronology.In memoriam of Gilead Har'El (1977-1996).

Here are free, accessible books. Read them and go in peace. Everything at this site has now been placed in the public domain with a Creative Commons deed (except two or three pieces copyrighted by others and used by permission). This site is… provides a user-friendly interface to read books online. Many tools are provided to explore and utilize this collection of public domain books, poetry, tutorials and audio.

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