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The MiLife Carolina Media Festival is a presentation of original motion picture, musical and graphical presentations that represent the creative college mind. The media festival, sponsored by The Tar Heel Mac Users Group at the University of North…

The Durham Association for Downtown Arts, Inc. (DADA) is a non-profit organization committed to the development, presentation and fiscal sponsorship of original art and performance in the Durham community. DADA strives to support local artists…

St. Anthony Hall is a co-ed arts and literature fraternity at UNC-Chapel Hill. We are diverse group of radical individuals.

The summer Brevard Music Center in western North Carolina has trained young musicians and inspired audiences since 1936. This archive site provides text, images, audio, and video that document the Center's history and its contribution to the cause of…


Totally Awesome

Discography of soul 45s from North and South Carolina.

Music collected by chorus members from classes conducted in Bulgaria.

This site is for the archival of texts and translations, essays, articles and indices relating and pertaining to South Indian Classical Music (Carnatic music).

Free services for the videoblog culture such as blog hosting, directory listing, education, workshops and collaborative projects.All content is public domain or creative commons licensed.Services are not available to all.
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