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Free self-help chatterbot. Let go of issues in your life that interfere with your inner peace. Replace them with states that support more inner peace in your life. Free support for all. Windows, Mac, Linux. It works. Try it. Pass it on.

Archives from the newsgroup alt.psychology.personality which discusses different models of personality analysis.

ARCHIVAL Site: Astrobiology: The Living Universe is the web's premiere educational resource for astrobiology, featuring in-depth information and interviews on exobiology, planetary biology, the origins of life and human space flight.

developed for classes in psychology covering issues from perception to social and personality. The software can be used as a basis for an entire lab based course. Alternatively one can use some of the programs to enhance other courses such as…

This site explores the concept of mind uploading, a possible future technology whereby one's mind could be transferred into an artificial machine. Come see the science behind the science fiction.

The Lunar Institute of Technology is a virtual on-line "university" with over 400 members, including the Schools of Starship Design, Low Gravity Mining, and Exo-Science and Alien Studies. There are also pages devoted to examining the…
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