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For a democratic society to function properly, citizens must participate in their government, be educated to think critically and be able to freely communicate their ideas.The Peoples Channel’s mission is to advance democratic ideals by…

Colorful travel, still life, and portrait photography. Travel photography spanning five continents. Still life photography focusing on flowers, especially flower abstracts. Evironmental portraiture.

A blog serving as a production diary of an independent documentary film about ballad singing in Madison County, North Carolina. It includes video edits from the development of the film, contextual materials, and media coverage. This web site is an…

The MiLife Carolina Media Festival is a presentation of original motion picture, musical and graphical presentations that represent the creative college mind. The media festival, sponsored by The Tar Heel Mac Users Group at the University of North…

This site features the best work from the 2004-2005 academic year by student photojournalists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Free services for the videoblog culture such as blog hosting, directory listing, education, workshops and collaborative projects.All content is public domain or creative commons licensed.Services are not available to all.

(Filmaker/media artist's site in Brooklyn) which features public domain material and helpful links and event information that contribute to a rich media arts websphere that is pertinent to NYC.

Photography portfolio. Includes 3 photographic series: "Landscapes at the Edge of Perception," "Scrambled Signals," and "Internet Stars."

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