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Webpage with links to Jon Bosak's XML & SGML papers and presentations.Also contains Selected Poems by Bethany Schroeder.

The PUBLIC POETRY PROJECT (PPP) seeks to move away from a model of poetics reliant upon a notion of the solitary, laboring, sometimes melancholic poet, alone in her/his garret; to one of an interactive, socially constructed and conscious poetics… provides a user-friendly interface to read books online. Many tools are provided to explore and utilize this collection of public domain books, poetry, tutorials and audio.

Primarily a list for announcing poetry readings that are part of the Desert City series held in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Other poetry and related events in the North Carolina region will also be announced.

Mailing list for the Lucifer Poetics group, an affiliation of people interested in contemporary poetry with an emphasis on avant-garde, post-avant, innovative, and experimental poetry.We discuss and share information about contemporary poetry and…

The Carrboro Poetry Festival contains information about the Carrboro Poetry Festival, an annual event held in Carrboro North Carolina that was founded in 2004. The site features a comprehensive mp3 audio archive of individual readings during the 2004…

Welcome to the Poetry Project. The mission of the Poetry Project is to compile biographical information on the most important contemporary poets in the world. The poetry project is run by educators and other volunteers. All of the information…

The Secret Library wants to know what your favorite amount of information is. The Secret Library is your complete secret friend. Come touch the points of contact between technology, poetry, art, social responsibility, and information management.

Human readings of Classic Literature and Poetry recorded and distributed under Creative Commons Licensing.
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