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The, unedited report by independent counsel Kenneth Starr's report to the House on President Clinton. WARNING: The report contains sexually explicit language. The following text was delivered by the Office of the Independent Counsel to the U.S.…

PRGNet - Presidency Research Group Network. Information resources for the community of scholars studying the American Presidency.

Connecting all of the presidential sites into a world wide information resource.

General Information on Himachal Pradesh, a northern state of India. Tourism, Geographical, and Sociopolitical info.

The country of Burma is lush, rich in natural resources and home to dozens of peoples and cultures. But due to a military government of isolationist economic mismanagement, the 45 million people there live without their human rights and in extreme…

One of the first websites about Cuba, featuring Cuban musicians; pictures of Cuban people and places; and links to other information about Cuba.
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