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EcoAccess helps you find and share environmental information online, providing access to the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about environmental issues.

This website is for students, faculty and community members who are interested in locating information related to repatriation issues. More specifically, this website's goal is to provide information about NAGPRA as it relates to California…

Jessamyn West's library themed weblog of interest to rarin' librarians and other info junkies.

official web site of the North Carolina Library Association, an affiliate of the American Library Association and the Southeastern Library Association, and the only statewide organization concerned with the total library community in North Carolina.

Wikinfo (formerly Internet-Encyclopedia) is an English language open-source wiki encyclopedia inspired by Wikipedia. Wikinfo offers an alternative to Wikipedia with more of an open editorial policy, and uses GetWiki software.

Somewhere in Morocco. Between African Shamanism and Islam. Between primitive traditions and modernity. At the crossroads of Globalism. You will find the Gnawa: Mystical Musician Healers from Morocco. From marginalized subculture to "official"…

World Music Central is dedicated to the dissemination of world music news, information and resources. Its mission is to provide information about musicians, dancers and their national or regional cultures, to publish a series of databases of…

Triangle Free Press reports local and global news that is ignored or under-reported by mainstream and corporate media. We support freedom and justice movements here and around the world.

The Context editors select material that bridges the gap between rhetoric and reason. We only ridicule the pretentious and the ridiculous. And we try to figure out the truth rather than spout off about one damn-fool idea or another.

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