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Medialaw is a resource for the UNC School of Journalism's medialaw program which focuses on training professional communicators to be experts in recognizing their legal rights to gather, prepare and disseminate news and public information.…

HA! is an online feminist journal featuring stories, humor and commentary. The vision is to provide a venue for women's voices and self-expression, as well as a forum for feminist issues. HA! is produced by the Lilith Collective.

A national grassroots, chapter-based organization dedicated to preventing gun death and injury and supporting victims and survivors of gun trauma. Through Million Mom March Chapters across North Carolina, our goal is to educate our citizens about the…

WebReader for selected ham radio newsgroups: antennas boatanchors collins dx dxbase dx-qsl glowbugs heathkit hammarlund heath homebrew kenwood milsurplus mobile-portable psk31 qrp r-390 topband swl 160mAlso the archives for the lehigh QRP-L

An abstracted listing of the many research papers, newspaper articles, and other writings available from the ibiblio Communications, VR, 3D and related archives. Provides an overview of cyberculture in synchronous communications.

Information about the Gaelic-based languages and cultures.

The online home of UNC Student Television. Programming for students, produced and run entirely by students.

Cybercasting is still an ambiguous term. It is most commonly associated with the process of streaming visual or audio information through cyberspace (another undefined term).

The K-12 International Outreach Program aims to bring the world to K-12 schools in North Carolina through interactive presentations and performances on different countries, cultures, and international current events. We encourage students to explore…

Exploring opportunities for college study and internships abroad, this site features photographs, interviews and links to organizations which offer travel opportunities.
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