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Spelling bee fundraiser for Interact women's shelter

The DACCO project was founded in 2003 to construct a free and open source, bilingual English-Catalan dictionary that was far more detailed than existing free word lists. The DACCO dictionaries have been created from the ground up rather than from…

World Music Central is dedicated to the dissemination of world music news, information and resources. Its mission is to provide information about musicians, dancers and their national or regional cultures, to publish a series of databases of…

Moteurs de recherche bibliographiques et pharmacologiques pour le médecin et le public.

Search engines for bibliographical and pharmacological information for medical doctors and everyone.

The Open Photo Project is a collection of copyrighted photographs (approx 20,000) released under a user-friendly license.

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English (largely based on Merriam-Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary of 1913), presented in XML. Search for a word

Open source web-based human language translation tools.
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