SIMC- Semiconducting and Insulating Materials Conference

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SIMC- Semiconducting and Insulating Materials Conference


Today, SIMC stands for "Semiconducting and Insulating Materials Conferences". When it was initiated in 1980, SIMC stood for "Semi-insulating III-V Materials Conferences". While the SIMC conference theme has evolved over time, there is one thing that has not changed, that is the SIMC aims to be a premier conference series to build bridges between materials research and application. This defines the multidisciplinary nature of the SIMC series, engaging a diverse audience of researchers with background in Materials, Physics, Chemistry and/or Engineering. The conference also encourages a broad international participation and so it is not surprising for the SIMC attendees to find themselves under the same roof with a diverse group from as many as 20 nations. To continue the tradition, the SIMC-XIV conference will highlight recent advances in semiconducting and insulating materials and applications. While retaining long-standing topics that have become well established throughout the 26-year SIMC history, the scientific sessions will also encompass many new and developing topics, including wide bandgap compound semiconductors, low dimensional semiconductor nanostructures, functional nanomaterials, and complex oxide materials.









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