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Nachiar Vidyalayam: A School t hat fosters the uniqueness in every child


Nachiar Vidyalayam belongs to Appachi Cotton Company. A company with a vision that goes beyond cloth- it wants to play a role in shaping the very fabric of life. A third generation cotton trading family based in Zamin Uthukuli village near Pollachi Town, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Having lived in the village for more than 5 decades, the family decided to give back to their beloved village and the society at large. And thus in 2000, Nachiar Vidyalayam was born. What started out as an exercise to provide quality education within the matriculation format to rural children has today grown beyond everyone's imagination. We now have a large number of students from town. This is entirely due to the success and popularity of our school. We believe a good idea should not be restricted; it should have space to grow and evolve. A good school today... who knows a great university tomorrow?



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