Millennium Village Project

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Millennium Village Project


The Millennium Villagesâ„¢ Project: * Developed by a team of scientific experts at The Earth Institute at Columbia University and the UN Millennium Project * A science-based, bottom-up approach to eradicate extreme poverty in an African village * A comprehensive strategy that includes investments in health, food production, education and gender equality, access to clean water, and essential infrastructure * Community-led interventions that will put our village on the path to self-sustaining economic growth * Accountable $1.5 million dollar investment, with $300,000 per year distributed over a five year period The project began with one research village in each of the 12 agro-ecological zones in Africa. The project expanded to 78 Millennium Villagesâ„¢ through Millennium Promiseâ„¢, a NY-based NGO that ensures the direct investment of funds in the villages. The location of the 78 Millennium Villagesâ„¢ in different ecological and agricultural regions proves that the Millennium Development Goals can be achieved in most settings, and precedes the spread of successful strategies in each different region. The interventions are detailed on the Millennium Promiseâ„¢ website at The Millennium Villagesâ„¢ are developed based on an innovative strategy that is straight-forward, low-cost, thorough and proven to succeed.









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