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YES! Youth Empowered Solutions


Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!) believes this world needs the input of young people. As an organization, we provide youth with skills and critical awareness about the social norms and policies that affect them. We connect them to the issues and provide them with the opportunities to get involved in solutions. We also provide adults with training and technical assistance so that they can be better allies to empowered youth. Vision: A world where empowered youth leaders work alongside adults to create positive change within their communities. Mission: Change policies and social norms affecting the well-being of young people through youth empowerment. Basic Strategy: We hire youth to be part of our staff. Most of our decisions are made with them at the table. When youth work on a specific topic, they first must understand and work on a solution themselves. Whether they make a presentation to a school board about tobacco free school policies or write a letter to the editor on the topic, our youth get first hand experience and then they present that knowledge to their peers. In a cycle of learning, acting and inspiring others, they create a force that ripples far beyond their own lives.




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