Automatic Metadata Maintenance for NC Health Info and Go Local (AMMGO)

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Automatic Metadata Maintenance for NC Health Info and Go Local (AMMGO)


Automatic Metadata Maintenance for NC Health Info and the Go Local Initiative PIs: Jane Greenberg, Associate Professor, and Director, SILS Metadata Research Center, School of Information and Library Science, and Christie Silbajoris, Director, NC Health Info, Health Sciences Library Funding agency: National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Southeastern/Atlantic Region (NN/LM-SE/A) Project Abstract NC Health Info (NCHI) is an exemplary and leading Web resource developed by the Health Sciences Library and the School of Information and Library Science, both at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. NCHI provides North Carolina citizens with Web access to information about health conditions, diseases, wellness, and services (e.g., local doctors, hospitals, support groups and organizations). NCHI also connects to MedlinePlus, a global service of the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. Good quality metadata is critical to the success of NCHI because it supports resource discovery and allows for the management of resources. As NCHI grows, the challenge of maintaining good quality metadata has increased tremendously because of volatile nature of health information represented on the Web. NCHI as well as other Go Locals do not have the resources required to keep up with metadata maintenance demands. To address this challenge, we will identify and enhance an existing metadata generation application by automating the metadata validation and quality review processes. The proposed work includes two phases: Phase 1, Automatic metadata application evaluation to identify the application/s we will enhance, and Phase 2, Automatic evaluation of metadata quality to determine the effectiveness of the automatic metadata maintenance process. Our outcome base evaluation (OBE) activities include the following: 1. a metadata maintenance time evaluation analysis, 2. a human resource costs analysis, and 3. metadata quality evaluations comparing the quality of metadata generated via automatic and human methods during maintenance activities. The overarching goal of this project is to address growing metadata maintenance needs threatening to stem the accelerated growth of NCHI and the entire Go Local Initiative. Incorporating automatic techniques into NCHI’s metadata generation/quality control processes will allow NCHI catalogers to direct more time to the metadata challenges requiring human skill and intellect and ultimately assist users who are increasingly using NCHI metadata to help them find health information.









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