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本“中国音乐曲库”成立于公元一九九一年左右,那时,因特网上的多媒体内容尚处在婴儿时期。SUN的音响格式在当时也不失为最好的选择,而MP3的格式也仅只是在最近些年来才在网上广泛地流行。我们可以自豪地说,本站当之无愧为因特网上首家收藏数字化中国音乐和歌曲的网站,它的出现使网上无数中国音乐爱好者有了一席之地追寻共同的兴趣。随着近年来MP3的普及,越来越多的音乐网站的蓬勃出现,这个收藏站才或多或少渐渐地变成了一个因特网的历史遗迹。我们也不再经常性地增添新的内容。事实上,我们基本上只是维持其原有状况,最好尽量跟过去一样。 The "Internet Chinese Music Archive" was established in 1991 when multimedia contents on the Internet were still in its infancy. SUN Audio format was the best choice at that time while MP3 format caught up with successful popularity in much later years. Proudly to say, we are the first on the Internet to archive digitized Chinese music/songs and to provide such a place for sharing the common love of Chinese music. With the recent wide adoption of MP3 and the birth of many music sites, this collection more or less became a relic of Internet history. We no longer kept up active updating of the content here. In fact, mostly we'd just like to keep it as it used to be like in the old days as much as possible.
本“中国音乐曲库”自一九九二年起,应当时“太阳基地”主管 绛纳森·麦吉德先生 之邀,搬迁至此。在过去的这些年之间, “太阳基地” (即现在的“超级实验室”)的 历界管理人员, 无不给予了我们慷慨的支持和帮助。我们愿借这个机会 ,向“太阳基地”全体管理人员,特别是 保罗·琼斯绛纳森·麦吉德, 致以真诚的谢意和崇高的敬礼! The "Internet Chinese Music Archive" has taken a residence here on the "SunSITE" upon the generous invitation of Jonathan Magid (system administrator of SunSITE then) in 1992. In all the passed years, each sysadmin team member of the "SunSITE" (i.e., the current "MetaLab") has given us tremendous support and help. We would like to take this chance to express our heartfelt appreciation and highest salute to all of the "SunSITE" staff members, especially to Paul Jones and Jonathan Magid.
这里所收藏的音乐文件全是SUN的音响格式, 请参阅 “如何播放音响文件”的帮助说明文件(或许有些过时,大多数写于一九九二年左右)。 您第一个可能要读的文件也许是: 《如何在Unix,Windows和Macintosh上播放音响文件》。 所有的中国音乐曲库中的音响文件均存档于北卡罗莱纳大学超级实验室(原“太阳基地”)上 并不断地由“ 大中华帝国帝国主义者同盟”提供维护。 任何与本曲库有关的问题,请直接与 “英特网中国音乐曲库”联系。 All the music files archived here are in SUN Audio Format. Please see help and FAQ's on How To Play Audio Files (might be a bit outdated. Most of them were written around 1992). And the first place you may want to go is this FAQ on how to play audio file on Unix, Windows and Macintosh. All the audio files are stored at the MetaLab (formerly known as "SunSITE") at UNC and are constantly maintained by Alliance of the Imperialists for the Great Empire of China. Any questions concerning the archive, please direct to: chmus@iBiblio.ORG

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