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SageSTEP DataStore Metadata

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electronic database

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The Sagebrush Steppe Treatment Evaluation Project (SageSTEP) project seeks to understand the economics, social aspects, and ecological consequences of prescribed fire and its mechanical surrogates, for reduction of excessive fuels in the sagebrush ecosystems of the interior west, systems that are at risk of uncharacteristically severe wildfire. The original proposal funded by the Joint Fire Science Program in February 2005 at $12 Million dollars and has been supplemented in the past two years by the National Interagency Fire Center and the Bureau of Land Management for approximately $1.1 Million dollars. The cooperative study (see Table 1 for Cooperators) collected field data to evaluate the effects of fire and fire surrogate treatments that are designed to reduce fuel and to restore sagebrush communities of the Great Basin. This proposal addresses database management. Database management is a requirement for the long-term integrity and viability of the research. A database manager was designated to coordinate development of a common, uniform, corporate database structure to be used by all sites. The SageSTEP DataStore ( was created for this purpose. All data entered into the DataStore is spatially registered to facilitate multi-scale spatial and temporal analyses to reveal important relationships not otherwise detectable at the scale of the core plot size. Using a spatial database allows integration of data and findings across scientific disciplines. This structure was supposed to include the definition of necessary metadata, but metadata currently are not available. This is a major problem for the maintenance and enhancement of the database and website.

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U.S. Geological Survey

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1 database

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medium to high

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By developing metadata for this project, there will be a robust, documented dataset that can used now and in future analyses throughout the sagebrush biome. The impact would be to have a dataset that is fully documented so it can be used properly now and be documented so it can be used in future research because the metadata will describe the processes of data collection, the standards and definitions of the raw data within the database and the analyses of the raw data by the incorporated statistical manipulations to produce the final output.

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Tom Zarriello

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