Whooping Crane Captive Breeding Records Rescue


Whooping Crane Captive Breeding Records Rescue

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Research at the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center (PWRC) on
whooping crane husbandry began in the late 1960s in support of conservation and restoration of this highly endangered species. Whooping cranes began breeding at PWRC in the early 1970s. PWRC houses approximately 70 whooping cranes in the breeding flock, as well as approximately 130 sandhill cranes which are used as surrogate incubators for whooping crane eggs and as research subjects. Currently, the great majority of whooping cranes raised
at PWRC are released into the wild as part of efforts to restore an eastern migratory whooping crane population and a Louisiana non-migratory whooping crane population. A large amount and wide variety of data are collected annually. Examples include: the productivity of breeding pairs, the incubation and hatching history of individual eggs, and the development and training of chicks trained for release. However, until recently an electronic database for storing and managing these data was not available. Such a
database has been developed and is now in use (within ongoing
improvements and expansions in development), but the large majority of the valuable historical data are stored on original paper datasheets.

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U.S. Geological Survey

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four large drawers full

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We have initiated development of a database (using Filemaker Pro software) to house both historical and future data. This database meets 3 critical needs: (1) housing and conserving critical basic information on the husbandry of whooping cranes; (2) producing reports and summaries for use in basic husbandry and propagation operations; and (3) facilitating use of the data for
research in support of whooping crane reintroduction and management. Database development has been led by a staff computer scientist, in cooperation with the applicant and 2 specially-assigned staff technicians. The effort has been planned to proceed in 3 stages, including (1) database design and testing; (2) staff training on database use for future data entry; and (3)
entry of historical data. This database has been used to store breeding records since 2009. However, historical data (~1970-2008) are currently located primarily on paper, and to a lesser degree on compact disc in spreadsheet format. These data need to be entered into the newly-designed system. We request data-entry assistance for an estimated 20 weeks to complete historical data entry.

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Sarah Converse

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May 11, 2012
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