Parallel computations at "home"

Last years PC processors speed increases slowly and the Moore's law leads to the fast growth of transistors number on a chip. As a result we've got multi-cores processors. Now only for 65$ one can buy Dual Core E2140. At 2.4 GHz with Speed Step technology ("Minimal Power Management" under Windows XP) it is very cool. In several years we can upgrade it to Quad and FireStream crystals have hundreds of coprocessors.
Monte-Carlo modeling and fractal drawing are parallelized easily by dividing of "work space" among coprocessors. It is realized in Java by Threads. The applet below draws the circle map. It divides picture in 4 parts and launches 4 independent threads (the threads number is set in the html file). An old 1.3GHz Athlon makes the picture about 9 sec. (see the time and the threads numder in your browser status bar below). E2140 with one thread - 4.5 sec. With multithreading it is twice faster!

Controls: Click mouse in window to find period p of the point. Click mouse + <Alt>(<Ctrl>) to Zoom In(Out) 2 times.
updated 14 Nov 07