FitzHugh-Nagumo model. Temporal alternation

Here we add excitation cI(t) with period T to the FHN system
    du/dt = F(u, v) + c I(t) = u(1 - u)(u - a) - v + cI(t),
    dv/dt = H(u, v) = ε (bu - v),
    I(t) ~ [cos(πt/T)]500,     δI(t)dt = 1.

For small T the system is not ready for the second excitation cycle.
a b ε c T

dt Ymin Ymax field
Again to the left the phase plane of the system is shown. F(u,v) = 0 null cline is the red line and H(u,v) = 0 null cline is the green line. To the right u(t) excitation (black) and v(t) recovery (blue) variables are plotted. You can explore the model for different parameter values.
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