Methane molecule. Intensity is proportional to ∫ |Ψ(r)|2dz.
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Methane molecule

Hybridization of atomic orbitals provides for molecular shapes that cannot be accommodated by using s, p, and d orbitals. This hybridization allows carbon to form four rather than two covalent bonds and to orient them so as to minimize the e- pair repulsions (i.e., tetrahedrally).

Isolated C atom has 4 electrons in 4 orbitals
2s ↑↓     2px ↑     2py ↑     2pz
After hybridization we get
sp 3↑     sp 3↑     sp 3↑     sp 3
Four electrons make bonds with four H atoms.

Valence bond theory     updated 9 Apr 2012