WebGL and simulations on GPU notes

Simulations gallery

Strange attractor dynamics (WebGL2)
Fluid dynamics
2D ink droplet
See also WebCL based 3d droplet
Schrödinger equation
Waves on membrane
Two slit interference (lite)
Vortex dynamics outline
(vortex annihilation)
Shallow water and
Stream. Rendering boundary lines (lite)
Nonlinear waves in excitable medium like Belousov-Zhabotinsky one.
Barkley's model outline (interacting spirals and random waves (large window))
Cellular automaton that mimics excitable medium.
Random waves (large window). Excitable medium under a "magnifying glass".
2D Barkley's model with float textures.

3D excitation waves. You can see here vortex structure.

Gliders in 3D Game of Life

N-body toy outline (N = 8K simulation).


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updated   27 Jan 2016