WebGL 2 and Simulation on GPU

WebGL2 new features

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WebGL2 is based on OpenGL ES 3.0 [1,2]. Many its features are available in WebGL1 as extensions.

Compute shaders

Compute shaders will be more suitable for simulations. E.g. one can make calculations on 3D grids (textures) only in one GL call. After WebGL 2 release we can wait for compute (geometry and tesselation) shaders as an extension or as WebGL 3 prototype :)

[1] D.Ginsburg, B.Purnomo OpenGL ES 3.0 Programming Guide. Second Edition
[2] D.Shreiner, G.Sellers, J.Kessenich, B.Licea-Kane OpenGL Programming Guide. Eighth Edition
The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Version 4.3

Simulations on GPU
updated   3 Apr 2017