WebVR samples

Unfortunately "3D" WebGL gardens are too flat on 2D screen (no depth or paralax). I'm using WebVR-polyfill and Brandon Jones's samples to make true 3D VR ones. All flowers are free under a BSD-style license.


Flower fantasy 2 key-frames animation, polyfill.
It is not difficult to remake more WebGL animations.


Tulips "room-scale" garden demo. 14x14 meters (m), 61k vertexes (kv), polyfill.
Tap screen or double click mouse to start/stop "rotation". "Eternal rotation" mode only yet (you can set "move=0" in URL).

Alice's tiny garden (18x18 m, 315 kv), polyfill.
4 times shrinked scene (polyfill). You can set your preferred "scale" factor for all gardens in URL.

Old pool (36x36 m, 240 kv), polyfill.

Nightly Fantasy (36x36 m, 138 kv), polyfill.
2 times shrinked scene, polyfill.

Billboard "Jungles" + Pool (No Walls!), polyfill.
scale = 0.1, polyfill.
To avoid visible walls 2 billboard "jungle" layers (and one backside opaque green wall :) are used. Only one rendering call for all flowers and one more for billboards.

It is likely that without adaptive LOD large scenes are too heavy for mobile devices. We need compute shaders for adaptive spline patches tessellation on GPU.

Even if you get high FPS to save battery you needn't render invisible geometry. E.g. we can break nightly scene in sectors and render only 3 nearest ones. We can use fixed LOD and billboards for remote objects but we can't approach near then.

"Ikebana" samples

Tulips twist your head to explore bouquet, polyfill.
Mirrored bouquet, polyfill.

Roses, polyfill.
Mirrored bouquet, polyfill.

Known features

updated 14 Sep 2017   WebGL gardens
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