EMUSIC-L FAQ: Notation software

:PREFACE: As a dedicated "lurker" I don't often make my presence known, but having benefitted from this tread, I wanted to try to make a contribution.

The follow is a summary of around 13 postings on the subjects: COMPOSITION and NOTATION. I believe the opening question went something like;

"I am looking for a good music notation software for windows. I use Traxx for all my sequencing, but can print parts from it. I know Finale is the top for the MAC, but I live in the world of windows. Can anyone help? Let me know!"
The packages referenced in the various responses included; Finale, Encore, Cakewalk-CWalkPro/Win-Cakewalk Pro, Master Tracks, Music Time, Cubase Score, Traxx, and Notator Logic.

In the following sections I have tried to consolidate the comments about the various packages discussed. Individual comments are separated by rules. The various packages are listed in no particular order.

As I am not familiar with all of the packages (this thread was an education for me), I may have introduced some errors in the editing, if I did, I apologize to all, especially the authors of the comments and the owners of the packages discussed. All opinions expressed are those of the contributors, and are just that, opinions.

Finale (Coda)

[Recently seen an ad for Finale for $125 in Keyboard Magazine - could anyone confirm? -- JM]

Encore (Passport Designs)

Cakewalk - CWalkPro/Win - Cakewalk Pro

Master Tracks (PassPort Designs)

Cubase Score (Steinberg)

Notator Logic

Misc Comments not specific to a given package but relating to the subject

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Summary by: BoNewman@aol.com (Bo Newman)