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Cow Dreams

By Steve Lucas

I've been wonderin' lately,
While I watched some doggies doze
What cows and calves dream about,
and I would suppose,

They dream of lush green pastures,
with clover belly deep.
And rumens full of grass and milk.
But I wonder when they sleep

If they ever dream of mama,
and getting licked so shiney clean.
And of havin' her watching real close by,
and places they have been?

When they are snorin' are they dreamin'
'bout skies of azure blue?
When they have to sleep in snow or rain
I wonder if it's true,

That they have some trouble sleepin'
and wake up with a fright,
From dreams they can't remember,
But bumped loud in the night?

On hot summer days when they are stretched out
takin' a siesta in the shade,
Do you think they dream of autumn
And when dreams begin to fade

When mama tries to wake 'em
to take another lap
To the creek to drink some water,
do they still just want to nap?

And cows that spend their lives in
barns and concrete lots,
Do they dream of dirt and trees and hills,
and shady, grassy spots?

So in retrospect, I reckon,
and there is no shame,
In admittin' that cow's and cowboy's dreams
Are pretty much the same.

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