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It is with great sorrow that we have to announce that Patrick Clancey has passed away. He will be greatly missed and impossible to replace. Hyperwar will continue, as much to honor his memory as to carry on the mission that his vision created.

Anyone who was working on a project with Patrick should contact larrywjewell at yahoo.com and/or sign up at hyperwar-hq.com.

The content of HyperWar consists primarily of official documents produced by various agencies of the United States, United Kingdom and British Commonwealth governments. All documents produced by the U.S. government are "born" in the public domain (free of copyright restrictions). Documents produced by the U.K. and Commonwealth governments are protected by Crown Copyright, however, Her Majesty graciously permits reproduction 50 years after publication provided only that an acknowledgment of the Crown's copyright is included. Original (non-government) content, created by HyperWar or contributed from the public, are offered without restrictions for personal or educational uses. For commercial use of the material please contact us.

This is a hypertext history, therefor whenever appropriate and possible, links are provided between the various sources (e.g. footnotes or bibliographies in the history volumes link to the target material whenever it is included on HyperWar or other "official" web sites.


General Accounts
American Military History, Maurice Matloff, Gen. Ed. (Center of Military History: 1973)

Diplomatic History
(Political Papers, Policy Statements, Treaties, Declarations of War, Surrender Documents, etc.)

Pacific Theater of Operations

European Theater of Operations
(including Atlantic, North African, Mediterranean and Near Eastern theaters)

China-Burma-India Theater of Operations
Including Sino-Japanese War from 1931

The American Theater of Operations
Defense of the Americas, Military & Industrial Mobilization, and Domestic Impact of the War

By Country and Service:
[U.S.: Army Army Air Forces Navy Marine Corps Coast Guard]


Appendices and Other Source Material

Other Useful Sources
  Photo Collections:

20 July 2011

Compiled and formatted by Patrick Clancey, HyperWar Foundation