United States Naval Administration in World War II

Commandant, Third Naval District
Volume I


First Draft Narrative
Prepared by the Historical Section,
Third Naval District


Department of the Navy
Office of Naval History
Washington 25, D.C.

The general files of the Navy are the main source of naval history and their completion, arrangement, and preservation must be given continuous care. Documentation is, therefore, the basis for the compilation of the History of Naval Operations and Administration during the Second World War.

Although the documents thus lay the foundation for a complete history, the history itself cannot be written until the events it records have been correlated and seen in true perspective. In the meantime, the official documents must be linked together in order that the files may be brought into manageable form, and provision made for interpretive digests of the most significant events.

First draft narratives provide the necessary linkage, and make the source material readily available to responsible officials as well as to the historians of the future. As each first draft narrative is completed, two copies are bound, one for the originating office and one for the Office of Naval History. Those important documents which properly form part of the narratives, as being essential to their understanding, are bound separately as supplements.

Admiral, U.S., (Ret.),
Director of Naval History.

Table of Contents

Volume I
    Part 1. Summary Historical Narrative of the Third Naval District Staff, 8 September 1939 to 14 August 1945.
  Part 2. Historical Narrative of the Offices of the Commandant and the Chief of Staff, Third Naval District, from 8 September 1939 to 14 August 1945.
  Part 3. Historical Narrative of District Planning and Coordinating Office, Third Naval District, 8 September 1939 to 6 February 1945.
  Part 4. Ibid. Supplement, 6 February 1945 to 14 August 1945.
  Part 5. Historical Narrative of the Assistant Commandant (Operations), Third Naval District, from 1 September 1939 to 14 August 1945.
Volume II
  Part 1. Historical Narrative of Port Director, New York, Third Naval District, 15 October 1939 to 14 August 1945.
  Part 2. Historical Narrative of U.S. Naval Armed Guard Center, Third Naval District, 20 May 1941 to June 1945.
  Part 3. Historical Narrative, Harbor Entrance Control Post, New York Harbor, Third Naval District, Second World War
Volume I
    1. History of the Third Naval District During and Subsequent to World War I.
    2. Appendix to Text Volume I, Part 1.
Volume II
      Appendix to Text Volume I, Part 3.
Volume III
      Appendices to Text Volume I, Part 5; Text Volume II, Parts 1 and 2.

The following narrative submitted by the Commandant, Third Naval District are in the files of the Office of Naval History, unbound:

  1. Domestic Transportation

  2. Public Relations

  3. Inspector

  4. Ordnance Officer

  5. Marine Officer

  6. Security

  7. Medical Office

  8. Base Service Unit

  9. Assistant Commandant (Logistics)

  10. Communications

  11. Intelligence

  12. Supply

  13. Redistribution

  14. Civilian Personnel

  15. Legal Office

  16. Public Works

  17. Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel

  18. Naval Air Priorities Office, New York

  19. Naval Recruiting Service of Connecticut

  20. Office of Naval Officer Procurement, New York

  21. U.S. Naval Barracks (WR), New York

  22. U.S. Naval Disciplinary Barracks, Hart's Island, NY

  23. Outfitting Procedure for LCT(6).

  24. North River Piers

  25. Port Director, Report for 1 July 1944 to 31 December 1944

Transcribed and formatted by Patrick Clancey, HyperWar Foundation