Battle of Guadalcanal

11--15 November 1942




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Foreword iii
Part I--Enemy air attacks of 11-12 November and Cruiser Night Action of 12-13 November 1
  Introduction 1
  Approach to Guadalcanal--the plan 6
  First phase--enemy air attacks of 11-12 November 9
  Second phase--Cruiser Night Action of 12-13 November 15
Part II--Air attacks of the 13th and 14th 37
  Preliminary--the Enterprise departs from Noumea 37
  Action on Friday, the 13th--fate of the Hiyei 39
  Enemy transport fleet shattered 41
    Attacks on bombardment group 44
    Attacks on the transports 52
  Observations 59
Part III--Battleship Night Action of 14-15 November 60
  Approach of Task Force LOVE 60
  First phase of the action--0000-0024 62
  Second phase--0020-0045 66
  Third phase--0045-0250--destruction of the Kirishima 72
  Observations 77
Epilogue--Last of the transports 80
Appendix I: TBS log of the Cruiser Night Action 85
Appendix II: Designations of United States naval ships and aircraft 87

Charts and Illustrations

Chart: South Pacific area ix
Illustration: Enemy air attack of 12 November x
Chart: "Stand by to open fire" 19
Chart: Battle of Guadalcanal, Cruiser Night Action 25
Illustrations: Damage to San Francisco [1] [2] 26
Chart: Task Force TARE vs. battleship Hiyei 27
Illustration: Battleship Kirishima 28
Chart: Air attacks on enemy bombardment group 45
Illustration: Burning Japanese vessels[1] [2] 46
Chart: Air attacks on transport group 47
Illustration: Yamazuki Maru and Kinugawa Maru beached on Guadalcanal 48
Chart: Battle of Guadalcanal, Battleship Night Action 63
Illustration: Temporary repairs being made on South Dakota 64


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