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  1. Information.

    A detailed description of the weather to be expected in an enroute to the PHILIPPINE Area is contained in Appendix 7 to Annex "L" (Aerological Information). The area involved is exposed to typhoons during October.

  2. This Force will take action to prevent damage, avoid unnecessary dispersion of forces and minimize delay in reaching the objective area.

  3. During Approach to the Objective.

    1. Commander Central PHILIPPINES Attack Force, breaking radio silence if necessary, will inform all units concerned:

      1. Of the location and probable movements of tropical disturbances, the existence of which may affect operations.

      2. Of changes in A-day or H-hour which may be required by storm conditions.

      3. Direct changes of course to the Southward or Northward as the situation requires.

    2. Upon receipt of message containing above information, Task Force and Task Group Commanders proceeding independently will:

      1. Change course of disposition to Southward or Northward, as directed, to avoid or minimize storm effects.

      2. Maneuver their forces so as to reach entry point at time required by new A-Day or H-Hour.

      3. Advice Commander Central PHILIPPINES Attack Force and other Force and Group Commanders of their movements.

  4. In the Objective Area.

    1. Timely information on threatening tropical storms will be furnished all units present by SOPA.

    2. Task Force and Task Group Commanders will take appropriate precautionary measures including fueling and replenishing and conduct such emergency evacuation or retirement measures as may be directed by SOPA.

  5. Returning from the Objective.

    1. Upon receipt of information of threatening storms, OTC's will maneuver forces under their command in such a manner as to avoid unnecessary damage to vessels and delays in movements. The characteristics of tropical storms and established maneuvers to avoid them are given in Appendix 7 to Annex "L" (Aerological Information).

  6. Upon receipt of storm warnings, salvage groups will be prepared to render emergency assistance to vessels and small craft.

    Commanders of units encountering unmistakable evidence of a tropical storm which may threaten the success of operations, shall report the evidence to Commander Central PHILIPPINES Attack Force by despatch. The breaking of radio silence for this purpose is authorized unless the tactical situation presents outweighing considerations.


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