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  1. Three fleet tugs (ATF), two salvage vessels (ARS), one landing craft repair ship (ARL), and four LCI(L) equipped with additional fire fighting apparatus are assigned to Southern Attack Force. Two fleet tugs (ATF), and twelve LCI(R) similarly equipped, are assigned to Northern Attack Force. The LCI's should be so stationed that salvage and firefighting of craft in the assault waves may be facilitated

  2. Damaged ships, if in danger of sinking, will be beached in areas under control of own forces as directed by Attack Force Commanders.

  3. Anchorage for damaged ships is available in LEYTE Gulf at discretion of Attack Force Commanders. Anchorages are also available at HOLLANDIA, WOENDI, SEEADLER HARBOR, SAIPAN, GUAM, ULITHI LAGOON and KOSSOL PASSAGE.

  4. Attack Force Commanders will direct all vessels to be prepared to tow and to be towed.

  5. Should an Attack Force Commander find it necessary to obtain additional salvage facilities from other Attack Force Commanders, he will include Commander Central PHILIPPINES Attack Force, as information addresses in his request for such assistance.

  6. Should other Group of Unit Commanders require salvage assistance they will make request to Commander Central PHILIPPINES Attack Force who will direct an Attack Force: Commander to provide required facilities.

  7. The Commander Southern Attack Force will make one fleet tug (ATF) available to Bombardment and Fire Support Group on days prior to A-day. This tug will proceed with Minesweeping and Hydrographic Group, and operate as directed the Commander of that group until otherwise directed by Commander Bombardment and FIre Support Group. Upon arrival Southern Attack Force on A-day this tug reverts to the control of the Commander Southern Attack Force.


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