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April at ibiblio: Making Images


An Open Source photographic archive

The Open Photo Project is a four year (and counting) experiment in digital photography, open-source programming and licensing.


Born in 1998 and growing steadily, openphoto.net provides approximately 20,000 royalty-free works to developers, designers and end-users worldwide. OpenPhoto is the creation of Philadelphia photographer and Linux programmer, Michael Jastremski.

Major images categories include: Animals, Architecture, Clouds, Driving, Flowers, Landscapes, Light, Nature, Portfolio, Still Life, Sunsets

For more information about the project, please see http://openphoto.net/readme .

Montmartre district of Paris

Guylhem's World Photo Gallery
Open Source Photo Archive From France

Seine - Paris

Guylhem Aznar is one of the major forces ("Chief coordinator") behind the Linux Documentation Project, a medical student in Toulouse, a photographer and creator of this Open Source photo library. The archive features primarily European cities and vistas, though there are also images from Linux events in the USA.

What is Open Source photography? You might want to look at the explanation for how the Linux Documentation Project works.

Philm Freaks - a photo archive of London 1960s & 70s
rock photo archives
Frank Zappa Taj Mahal

A photographer with many credits in US & UK magazines of the 60's and 70's, Phil Franks is probably best known for his work on rock album covers --including Frank Zappa, Yes, Gong, Hawkwind, Daevid Allen, Kevin Coyne, and the Adverts.

Philm Freax is one of the most extensive 60's and 70's rock photo archives on-line, featuring not only a visual history but also a rich oral history of the era via

Roger Daltry of the Who

excerpts from Jonathan Green's Days in the Life and authorized reprints of interviews and features from Rolling Stone and other mags that features some of these photos. The result is a virtual who's who of rock and roll icons such as Pink Floyd, the Who, the Pink Fairies, Elton John, and much much more.

"Wot's this? Our mythical hero, Philm Freax, rumored to be an alter ego of Phil Franks, was running round London in the 60's and 70's smack in the middle of a tangle of soon to be musical giants, movie stars, celebrities and hippie freaks. Some of these pics were originally shot for Rolling Stone, Friends, Frendz or other UK underground papers but much of what's here is unpublished. Philm is pulling old negatives out of boxes still and a lot of what's here is just the tip of the iceberg."

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Internet History Break- IconBrowser

icon collection with a search engine

Remember back in 1993, when images on the web were new and there was almost no software to create them? That was when the IconBrowser first appeared at sunsite.unc.edu (ibiblio's name back then - remember?)

Gioacchino La Vecchia, the archive's creator recollects the period: "Iconbrowser was the first icons collection on the web a with search engine. Available since late 1993 it moved to Sunsite in 1995 and became accessible May 21th" Try a search ("cat") - or just browse by page.

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