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ibiblio- April, such a momentous month!

In addition to the proverbial showers, April has been the host to momentous events, including the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912. Inspired (presumably) by the example of the great ship, the United States government instituted the income tax in 1913.
Don't forget Earth Day (April 22), which also happens to be National Jellybean Day. The accolades just pile up for April: Alcohol Awareness month; International Guitar month; National Welding month; National Poetry month; STD Awareness month; and most significantly, National Anxiety month. ibiblio's extensive resources are food for what ails ya.

The Leadership Information Archives

White House
The Leadership Information Archives, a private/public consortium coordinated by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, builds communities along America's information highway by demonstrating the usefulness of "IDEA" networks (like their presidential information archive, PRESIDENT), and creating useful information resources like CiNet, which disseminates ideas about making governments more effective. They'll also tell you why Ronald Reagan liked jellybeans so much.

Newsgroups Info Center

Satellite Dish
The Newsgroups Info Center is your source for info on Usenet's Newsgroups, and contains pointers to many useful Usenet FAQ's. It contains a heritage browsable list of the newsgroups and a way to search for a group of interest. While you're there, sign up for alt.history.ocean-liners.titanic.

The North Carolina Chapter of the Artist-Blacksmith Association of North America

Blacksmiths and Welding
The North Carolina Chapter of the Artist-Blacksmith Association of North America is dedicated to promoting and sharing the art of blacksmithing. This resource will provide easy access to a variety of educational materials designed to serve traditional and contemporary blacksmiths and welders.

The Internet Poetry Archive

Internet Poetry 
The Internet Poetry Archive makes available selected poems from a number of contemporary poets. The goal of the project is to make poetry accessible to new audiences and to give teachers and students of poetry new ways of presenting and studying these poets and their texts. The archive includes the work of living poets from around the world, including Philip Levine and Nobel Prize winners Seamus Heaney and Czeslaw Milosz. The archive entry for each poet comprises audio clips of the poet reading several poems, the poet's comments on the works, a photograph of the poet, a critical biography and a short bibliography. Poems are presented in their original languages, as well as in English translation.

Doc Watson

The legendary Doc Watson
Guitar player extraordinaire Doc Watson is a legendary performer who blends his traditional Appalachian folk music roots with blues, country, gospel, and bluegrass to create his unique style and expansive repertoire. Blind from infancy, Doc has spent his lifetime making music and is considered by fans everywhere one of the world's most accomplished flat-pickers. Doc was born Arthel L. Watson in Deep Gap , NC (Watauga County) on March 23 , 1923 into a family with a rich musical tradition. Doc has recorded dozens of albums in his long career and, although he stopped performing briefly after his son Merle died in a tractor accident in 1985, he does continue to tour in the winter and play festivals in the summertime. For the last fifteen years, Doc has hosted the yearly Merle Watson Memorial Festival in Wilkesboro, NC on the last weekend of April, this year from April 24-27.

Henriette's Herbal Homepage

Henriette's Herbal Homepage
Henriette's Herbal Homepage deals with all things herbal, including the medicinal and culinary uses for all those amazing natural miracles. Henriette's been on the web since before you were born, and she's gathered an amazing series of resources, including some of the positive (and a few of the negative) uses for the demon alcohol.

The Teen AIDS hotline

The Teen AIDS hotline
ibiblio is proud to be the online partner of the TeenAIDS Hotline. The hotline is operated by 35 teen peer educators and 5 adult mentors who are available to help youth make decisions that will help them protect their health. All phone calls are kept confidential, and it doesn't cost anything to call the number. You can use the TeenAIDS hotline website to find out more information, to read or contribute to ongoing discussions in the Discussion Forum, or to ask a staff person a question using the Contact Form. The teenline is available on Friday and Saturday nights between 6 pm and Midnight. We have at least two teens there each night plus one mentor who is over 19. All peer educators go through at least 20 hours of extensive training.

All resources hosted at ibiblio. Browse our collection index for more sites and information
Last updated April 1, 2003
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