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ibiblio linux archives

ibiblio Linux Archive
171 gigabytes of Linux programs and documentation

In August of 1992, the archives were begun on sunsite.unc.edu, ibiblio's original name. Sunsite hadn't even been launched yet - that didn't happen until October. But the immense popularity of the new Operating Systen, linux, had caused the demise of the main existing host, banjo.concert.net.

ibiblio archives over 171 gigabytes of Linux programs and documentation freely available for download via FTP and/or WWW access.

Linux Documentation Project penguin

The Linux Documentation Project
free, high quality documentation for the GNU/Linux operating system

LDP began as a way for Linux hackers to share their documentation with each other and with their users, and for users to share documentation with each other. It was on of our first projects - back in 1992 when ibiblio was known as metalab.unc.edu.

Begun by Lars Wirzenius, LDP contained an assortment of documents realizing the uses of the linux Operating system, such as the VERY QUICK AND DIRTY README by Lars Wirzenius from August of 1992, and Tutorial To Linux Driver Writing -- Character Devices or, Now That I'm Wacky, Let Me Do Something (Apr 11, 1993)

Today The Linux Documentation Project and ibiblio.org provide a web home to full selection of linux journals and books. Take up a new hobby - expand your skills set - learn linux!

Linux Focus
online Linux magazine

LinuxFocus is a volunteer-driven online Linux magazine. It is managed and produced by Linux volunteers, fans and developers. LinuxFocus is the first really international Linux Magazine.

LF features articles on system administration, hardware, applications, and kernal news.

Linux Gazette
making Linux just a little more fun!

The online linux magazine published by Linux Journal. Linux news, answers, programming help and tutorials. Linux Gazette is a cooperative publication of Linux users. Access the current issue of the Linux Gazette, as well as HTML versions of all back issues. You can get tarred and gzipped back issues as well.

The Linux Cookbook: Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use -
Over 1,500 time-saving recipes and hints for busy modern computer users.

Like a culinary cookbook, this book presents "recipes" for preparing or accomplishing a particular, specific thing. I've selected what I consider to be the easiest and most effective methods for accomplishing particular tasks, and have arranged these recipes in general sections according to subject matter--the first part of the book is all about getting started, and contains the most essential information you need to know about using Linux; the remaining chapters deal with general categories of usage: Files, Text, Images, Sound, Productivity, and Networking.

Available in html or downloadable, zipped html or pdf.

linux penguin

Profile of a Community - Open Source Linux Developers
A Quantitative Profile of a Community of Open Source Linux Developers.

A study conducted that examines software contributions to shed some light on who the community of Open Source software developers is. A prime difficulty in understanding and drawing conclusions about open source collaborative development has been the sketchy information available on exactly who participates in open source development and how their software archives evolve. This lack of information is understandable given the distributed, organic process of collaborative development in open source communities.

The contribution of this paper is a baseline quantitative study of a broad community of developers within the Linux open source effort, which, due to its influence and increasing user base, is widely regarded as a cornerstone project for large-scale open-source development.

All listed resources are hosted by ibiblio, The Public's Library and Digital Archive.
last updated July 2, 2002

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