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1857 [Anthony] Trollope Barchester Towers xii,"A sight of you, Mr. Harding, is good for sore eyes."

1390 [John] Gower Confessio Amantis, or, Tales Of The Seven Deadly Sins I. 294 "So lowde his belle is runge, That of the noise and of the soun Men feeren hem in al the toun."
-Oxford English Dictionary online

Stimulate your eyes and ears with ibiblio sites pertaining to the wonders of film, the possibilities of shared electronic media, and the power of traditional media representations adapted for our wired world.

Folkstreams.net: Remembering the High Lonesome

Picture of Roscoe Holcomb by John Cohen.
The mission of Folkstreams.net is to build a national preserve of documentary films about American folk or roots culture. Produced by independent filmmakers, these hard-to-find films give voice to the arts and experience of diverse American groups. Folkstreams.net makes these films easy to find and to see by video-streaming them on the Internet, and also provides in-depth and reliable contextual materials about the subjects and the filmmaking.
Remembering the High Lonesome is the story of the making of a classic documentary film. It is also a profile of filmmaker, photographer, artist, and musician John Cohen. Through interviews, as well as Cohen's own photographs and scenes from his classic film The High Lonesome Sound: Kentucky Mountain Music, filmmaker Tom Davenport focuses on Cohen's journey to rural Kentucky in the 1950s to document the lives of the people there and his "discovery" of the musician Roscoe Holcomb.

There is No Eye: Photographs by John Cohen is a retrospective display of Cohen's work which was on display at the University of Greensboro's Weatherspoon Art Museum this month.

The newkular family electronic media library

The Newkular Family Electronic Media Library
The newkular family electronic media library is a catalyst for electronic media development and circulation. Through their electronic media library and community efforts, they seek to expose digital film, video art, audio narrative and documentary, and electronic music to a broader audience. The newkular family electronic media library provides a forum in which amateur producers can share their digital video and electronic music work. The video archives are limited to non-professional work to provide an atmosphere that encourages newcomers to venture into artistic frontiers. The musical collection includes the original production work of amateur electronic musicians, as well as DJ performances of house, electro, drum 'n' bass, hip-hop, techno, and other styles of electronic music.

World Music Central

World Music Central logo.
World Music Central is an educational and informative world music Web site that features the latest world music news and information along with resources for music fans, industry professionals and academics. World Music comprises traditional and contemporary folk and roots music from all over the world. They feature current news; CD, book and film reviews; artist profiles and discographies; glossaries and descriptions of musical instruments; listings of world music festivals, record labels, booking agents as well as radio, print, television and online media covering world music.

The Fela Project

The Fela Project logo.
The Fela Project is a multimedia project that explores and commemorates the influence of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, the legendary Nigerian Afrobeat musician and Human Rights activist who died of AIDS-related illness in 1997. The project centers on an exhibition of Fela-related artifacts and new works by premier contemporary artists who have been inspired by Fela, and will be accompanied by concerts, symposia, a film series, an interactive web site with streaming video, and a fully illustrated publication with a diverse collection of essays.
Attention: This site requires Macromedia Flash software to operate properly. Get it here.

Flicker Films

Flicker Films logo.
Flicker is a completely non-commercial, grass-roots entity perpetuated by Super-8 filmmakers and filmgoers, who developed an international series of film festivals beginning in Athens, GA in the late 1980's. This website was created to catalog some of the many memorable films that have graced the Flicker screens over the years.

Folk Music Index

The Folk Music Index is an index to recordings of tunes and songs from traditional and contemporary sources. At present the database lists mostly recordings, but now also includes some of the major song collections and tune folios. The recordings indexed generally have a major emphasis on tradition based material from both commercial and non-commercial performers, including a considerable amount of old-time fiddle and banjo tunes. Although most of the recordings included are vinyl LP's, many have been reissued in both cassette and CD format and out of print material can often be found in both public and university libraries.

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Last updated August 1, 2003
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