HASTAC / MacArthur
Digital Media and Learning Competition

The second HASTAC / MacArthur Digital Media and Learning Competition is now open! $2 million will be awarded for innovation in participatory learning. The deadline is October 15, 2008; for more information, please see http://www.dmlcompetition.net.

Stewards of the Land

Stewards of the Land

"Stewards of the Land is a multimedia documentary project that focuses on six small farmers in the Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. The area is known for its vibrant network of organic and sustainable farms that supply the community with locally grown food nearly year-round."



Organic Gardening Course

This Organic Gardening Course covers the use of organic materials as well as "organic" cultural practices while aiming to teach the principles and practices of organic gardening. It is brought to us by the rec.gardens.ecosystems usenet newsgroup.



Center for Community Alternatives (formerly EcoAccess)

"the Center's work is the creation and dissemination of sustainable alternatives to failed and failing systems of food supply, water use, energy production, housing, education, and governance."


Plant Information Center

Plant Information Center

"The intent of the Plant Information Center (PIC) is to connect the research community and the general public (including school children) so that primary research materials owned by the University can be made available to these new audiences and that expert knowledge may also be shared"



Permaculture Information Web

"The Permaculture Information Web is a collaborative project to provide a comprehensive resource of permaculture related information."


Sustainable Farming Connection

Sustainable Farming Connection

The Sustainable Farming Connection was started in 1997 by Craig Cramer and his colleagues as a place for farmers to connect and share information regarding sustainable farming techniques.


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