Open Source for America

Open Source for America is a cross-section of more than 50 companies, universities, communities and individuals holding that government can and should become more transparent, participatory, secure and efficient by using open-source software. ibiblio is a founding member and one of two North Carolina Universities to support the initiative.

ibiblio Linux Archive

ibiblio has been involved with Linux since its founding in 1992. ibiblio currently houses over 171 gigabytes of Linux programs and documentation, with many of the most popular Linux distributions available at a snap. ibiblio also hosts mirrors of some of the most popular Linux distributions. Research at ibiblio includes methods to make the Linux distributions easier to discover and use through the Linsearch, which utilizes the Linux LSMs. If you prefer, you can view the ibiblio Linux distributions with an ftp view You're also welcome to submit your own Linux distribution or software to keep the ball rolling.


Developed by, Lyceum is a stand-alone mutli-user blogging application, designed for the enterprise. Utilizing the fantastic, intuitive WordPress blogging engine at its core, Lyceum enables stand-alone, multi-user blog services for small and high-volume environments. Lyceum is GPL-licensed, under active development, and free to use.

ibiblio Open Source Software Archive

/pub/packages: Large source distributions for various operating systems

get INDEX for a more detailed list of contents

UNC Open Source Research Team

The UNC Open Source Research Team (OSRT) was created to provide an outlet for research into information sharing communities and their accompanying digital archives. Many of these communities revolve around the creation of computer software based on the Open Source development model, and while OSRT is very interested in these types of communities, it also seeks to extend its research into other information-sharing communities who model their behaviors on those of the Open Source Software movement.

Open Source Cookbook

OS Cookbook is a collaborative cookbook created with the geek in the kitchen at heart, but with a bent toward the college geek. Suffice to say, most collegiate geeks have spent a fair chunk on their computer hardware (as I have) and may or may not have the money or resources to cook a 5-course dinner.

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