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The Love Letter

Pulling a curtain to one side, a scene of domestic intimacy is revealed. A well-to-do woman, clothed in yellow, is being handed a letter. She glances up questioningly at her maid and pauses in her lute playing. The room with the two women is brilliantly lit; the space in front of it is darker. Sheet music can be seen on a chair. Perhaps the lady is waiting for a person with whom to play music. On the dark wall at the left of the door opening is a map. Vermeer signed the painting with his characteristic signature, compressed on the left, next to the maid, is the name 'JVMeer'.

A Cowboy Valentine's Day Date

From Cow Dreams -- Poems by Steve Lucas.

Bluebird Nest Boxes

Valentine's Day (14 February) provides a reminder that it's time to take care of your bluebird duties for the current year. In many parts of the country, bluebirds have already formed pairs by Valentine's Day and are looking around for nesting locations, so you should try to hang new boxes by this date. Even with this early activity, however, it's not too late to build and erect new nestboxes; in much of the U.S. and Canada actual egg-laying won't begin for 4-6 weeks or so, but it's still best to try to have your boxes up no later than mid-February. Valentine's Day is also a good time to clean out your nestboxes to remove any droppings and other detritus that might have been left behind by winter roosting birds.

McGuinn's Folk Den >> Love

Roger McGuinn's Folk Den features folk songs performed by Roger and released under a CC license. Here are all songs tagged with "love."

Love at Ground Zero

Love at Ground Zero is a short novel, a literary romance about two NYU students who meet in the towers on 9/11 when Wes rescues Hayaam before the south tower collapses. He is American, she a Muslim from Indonesia who is studying to become an American citizen.

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